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Chiropractic methods and procedures are safe, completely natural, and improve your overall health while increasing your range of motion. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can also increase your energy level, relieve pain, and improve your ability to sleep.


If you're experiencing chronic back, neck, muscle pain, or just want to get help being a healthier you, make your appointment today at Albany County Chiropratic Center.


For your convience we also accept most medical insurances, along with all major credit cards, personal check, and cash! Click here to download the intake form.

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• Deep Tissure Ultrasound Therapy                      • Modalities

• Hot packs                                                            • KinesioTape™

• Electric stimulation                                              • Foot Leveler's Orthotics™

• Water jet table                                                     • Techniques

• Applied Kinesiology                                             • Diversified, Activator and Drop Table

• Arthrostin Manipulator                                         • Dry Needling

• Neuromuscular taping                                         • LightForce DT Laser

• Percussion Massage                                          • Decompression Table

• Sports

• Workers Compensation

• Auto injuries