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Come to Albany County Chiropractic Center for comprehensive care that will help you feel your best. Receive support and education to help you in your pursuit of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle.



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Whether you're an athlete suffering from a sports injury or you're enduring chronic pain, contact us today for the treatment you need. In order for you to better enjoy your results, we keep things simple and explain what each appointment brings.

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Triton DTs Decompression Table

The table utilizes advanced computer-controlled traction technology to gently increase the space between vertebrae. This helps alleviate common symptoms that are the result of age, injury, and an honest day's work. The negative pressure it creates inside the discs, between the spinal bones, causes a vacuum that can encourage a bulging or herniated disc to resume its proper shape without invasive surgery.


The Triton's computer-controlled protocols include a progressive "step up" and "step down" to begin and end a session, which help to prevent the muscle guarding or spasms associated with manual traction. The Triton is also able to maintain a constant, consistent pressure at the most therapeutic level for much longer than manual traction could, allowing for the greatest benefit.


While the table offers immediate relief within one or two sessions, repeating sessions regularly over time can accomplish a permanent improvement in many conditions as the body creates a new blueprint of proper alignment. Albany County Chiropractic Center is excited to offer five-and ten-treatment packages that discount each session's price in order to facilitate your healing. To that end, we also include a treatment session with the deep tissue therapy laser with each session on the decompression table. Dr. Bressler personalizes each protocol to the patient's current condition, so please call early to book your appointments.

Triton DTs Decompression Table